Seiko 4R36 vs 6R15

Conceived from the Seiko 7S movement, both the 6R and the 4R have way better details as analyzed than its forerunner. However, which is better?

A basic Google search will disclose to you that the 6R is much more unrivaled than the 4R. Be that as it may, Why?

Having attempted the 4R15,4R36 and the 6R15, I’m here to give my musings about every one of the movements

The practical contrast between the 4R15 and the 4R35/4R36 is that the last offer hand-wind and hacking in its movement. Yet, for what reason is the 4R15 esteemed as more attractive?

The 4R15 has precisely the same origin as the 6R15, allowing it 50 hours of intensity hold which is 9 hours more than the 4R36 which utilizes the conventional heart. Additionally, the exactness of 4R36 is – 25/+35 contrasted with the – 15/+25 that the 4R15 and 6R15 offers.

Viably, getting a 6R15 resembles getting a 4R36 with improved force hold and precision as it has hand-wind and hacking.

The 6R15 is additionally the 4R15 with hand-wind and hacking.

The 6R15 is most likely like defeating 4R15 and 4R36 joined.

On the off chance that you can bear the cost of the 6R15, go straight for it. If not, go with the 4R15. On the off chance that you just began taking a gander at watches, perhaps you can begin with a 4R35 or 4R36.


Seiko caliber 4R36

Key Features:

Height: 4.8mm | Movement Type: Automatic | Jewels: 23 | Shock System: Seiko Diashock | Power Reserve: 41+ hours| Vibrations Per Hour: 21,600 BPH | Hacking?: No | Diameter: 12”’ / 27mm | Magnetic Resistance: 4,800 A/m (60 gausses).

In 2019, Seiko propelled the new Seiko 5 Sports line with 4R36 in every one of the 27 watches in the assortment, so how about we see what really matters to it.

Seiko caliber 4R36 is another programmed caliber utilized by Seiko Watch Corp. for their in-house watches. Like its antecedent, caliber 4R35, it is a 2011 update of a famous 7S36 movement as it offers the hacking and hand-twisting usefulness, with the expansion of day/date show, which is its solitary contrast from 4R35. The caliber 4R36 has a day/date schedule update showed at 3:00, while caliber 4R35 just shows the date. Everything else is the equivalent, including measurements, gems, exactness, and so on.

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Seiko 6R15 caliber

Key Features:

Movement Type: Automatic | Vibrations Per Hour: 21,600 BPH | Jewels: 23/24 | Lift Angle: 53 degrees | Diameter: 27.40mm (outside), 27mm (casing) | Height: 5.25mm | Power Reserve: ~50 hours | Shock System?: Dia-shock

The Seiko caliber 6R15 is a programmed movement found in numerous advanced Seiko dress watches and jumpers.

The overall caliber number is 6R15, with 6R15A being the principal form. The ensuing letter varieties demonstrate advancement stages in the improvement of the movement. Early models of the 6R15 (A, B, and some early C) were inclined to issues that Seiko enhanced throughout the years. As a result of the changes, not all parts are tradable between the varieties.

To state that the 6R15 is Seiko’s response to the Swiss workhorse that is the ETA 2824 would be putting it mildly. The main concern is that the 6R15 caliber is that GOOD a movement and with the sheer number of ETA-fueled watches out there, it is here and there ideal to have something else to work up the majority.

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In our unassuming suppositions, the practical distinction between the two is insignificant. The subsequent inquiry is undeniably more significant. At long last, you’ll be unquestionably more joyful purchasing things that you like, than dependent on minor contrasts in how they assembled.

Since one thing makes certain with Seiko – the two movements will work immaculately and you’ll unquestionably have probably the best movement out there, regardless of which one you pick.

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