Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 White Review

An Overview

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 white or should I say, matte silver dial, is a tasteful yet moderate style watch. It fits each event and goes with each outfit. Every day wear as a rule, yet a solid nearness none the less.

Since the Rolex setup is peppered with all-stars, similar to the lastingly well-known Submariner, swarm most loved GMT-Master II and kid racer Daytona, it is not entirely obvious the fundamental Oyster Perpetual as essential filler for the (these days normally vacant) showcase. Subsequent to going through seven days with the new-for-2018 white dial variation, I encourage you not to discount it since what we have here is a period just watch that punches well over its weight class.

Each assortment ought to, at any rate, have an OP39 at the table and with this white dial being a 2018 discharge, it’s definitely an unquestionable requirement have as I would like to think.

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  • Simplicity…48HR power hold
  • Very elegant and timeless
  • Ordinary wear, it goes with any fit, for each event

  • No dating work
  • The structure could be better…
  • No Easylink adjustment


Extents matter

The case has a thin enough profile and exquisite hauls so as to boost the visual effect of the dial. Made out bar none Oystersteel (the re-brand of 904L steel), there is cleaning just looking into the issue sides and the domed bezel. From past involvement in my own Datejust, this domed bezel slips pleasantly under a shirt sleeve yet, in addition, can be inclined to scrapes.

The twin-lock crown helps make the OP39 swimmable to 100 meters and is measured ideal for simple control and feel. In spite of being a lot bigger outwardly, I can report that the OP39 sits as easily on my wrist as the previously mentioned 36mm Datejust I’ve delighted in for a considerable length of time.

Uniting everything is an all-brushed oyster wristband. Famous for solace and fit, the oyster wristband additionally flawlessly mixes into the brushed case drags to make an unassuming smoothness you don’t exactly jump on some current Rolex sports models. The brushed connections are additionally considerably more sympathetic to light scratches, permitting you to check off one more box on the positive section of the day by day wearer scale for the OP39. Another gesture to this everyday driver ethos is the inset Rolex crown on the collapsing Oysterclasp.


The recipe

Purchasers are commonly prepared to feel that quality increments relatively with cost and this can be valid with a lot of products and enterprises in our reality. At its retail value, the Oyster Perpetual 39 is one of the most economical standard Rolex models, yet there is no detectable distinction in the manner it has been developed comparative with, state, a Day-Date. Indeed, the Day-Date is made of robust gold, yet beside the materials and weight, the Oyster Perpetual 39 and Day-Date make it extremely clear they originate from a similar industrial facility with a similar assembling standard.

As its name recommends, this watch is 39mm in size which numerous individuals currently consider being “perfect” as far as an agreeable fit and contemporary look. With this wonderful white dial (where the “white” merits a whole section alone underneath) and time-just usefulness, the OP39 wears outwardly greater on the wrist because of the territory and tidiness of the dial face.


That dial however

Please, it’s simply one more white dial watch. Not so much a serious deal, isn’t that so? All things considered, it is a serious deal indeed, as this is maybe the most delightful and nicely made white dial that Rolex makes. To consider it a matte white would misrepresent its surface.

It has a close metallic quality that, in some lighting circumstances, causes it to seem an exceptionally light shade of silver, and in others an unpretentious cream shading. Leave it to Rolex to make a universe of potential shades, edges and exuberance in their essential “white dial” watch. It is completely evident that photos can’t pass on the character of the dial.

The dial is totally balanced with enormous hour twirly doos loosening up to the differentiating dark moment track on the edge.



What Rolex has done here is make an amazingly agreeable wristwatch that changes a nitty gritty arrangement into a total and insightfully engaged item. The motivation behind the Oyster Perpetual is to read a clock, anyway, the experience works out in a good way past that as an examination in configuration, completing and consistency. All the watch writer adages apply: immortal, could be your one watch, notable, keep going forever, adaptable and wear it with anything.

Next time you’re in the boutique, investigate that OP for the situation. It may very well shock you with its tempting dial and substance at the cost condition.

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