Best Multi Tool For MTB

It appears as though everybody makes a multi-tool to assist you with fixing your bicycle when you’re out riding. Many years of riding and trailside-tweaking have instructed us that nothing is more disappointing than a tool that doesn’t work, doesn’t carry out the responsibility you need it to, or causes harm.

Unfortunately, there are heaps of these about, so we’ve been amazingly cautious in curating this rundown of our top picks.

We’ve seen deals like the Love Mud, a demonstrated exemplary from Crank Brothers, and valuable developments like Lezyne’s RAP CO2. We additionally looked at a basic eye over some very much bundled arrangements like the Topeak Ninja range and Specialized’s SWAT packs alongside a couple of appropriately imaginative twisting arrangements like Stique’s ML125 and the Ryder Nutcracker.

There are additionally numerous elective choices and we’ve audited those as well. They go from a multi-plier (prevalently known as a Leatherman or Gerber) to an overlay up chain tool. The former is ideal for those revolting employments, such as bowing a mech holder straight, and we’ve incorporated the last just because the majority of the path tools’ worked in smaller than usual chain splitters are hard to utilize.


#5. Birzman Feexman E-Version 15

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Birzman is enthusiastic about smooth structure (a portion of its workshop tools and siphons are decidedly sculptural) and this flawless tool level packs all the basic tools into your pocket. The machined steel chain splitter incorporates talked pads that are exact enough for trailside wheel truing even with combination areolas.

The wide, bent handle includes helpful influence when you’re pushing chain sticks out as well. All the tools are chrome vanadium steel for stunningly extreme and tight-fitting performance and they likewise oppose consumption truly well. That settles on the Birzman a decent decision if it’s probably going to be tied remotely and getting wet and soiled all the time.

Liberal tool length implies the wide body is less of an issue in restricted spaces. They’ve missed a slight stunt by not bottoming out the right-calculated 2mm Allen key onto the chain splitter, so there is an opportunity it can stand up marginally yet if it truly irritates you, simply dismantle the tool and opposite it.

Something else, it’s truly light for an extensive arrangement of top-notch tools, and it’s a decent cost as well.

  • Excellent quality
  • Slick looking
  • Lightweight
  • Well-priced package
  • We’d reverse the hooked Allen key


#4. Lezyne RAP 15 CO2

Winning the everything-you-could-need in addition to several flawless additional items grant, and in a quality bundle for sure, is the RAP 15 C02 from Lezyne. Except if you especially need a 2.5mm Allen key (some brake agents and cushion pins are destitute that way) at that point this light and the sensibly smaller tool have you arranged. You likewise get a T30 Torx key for the rear of some wrench jolts and a separable head for a C02 canister.

Considering they ordinarily cost at any rate £10 that makes the RAP look a deal and for a fact the tools last sensibly well after some time. They’re an average length for arriving at abnormal places as well, although the wide-body can get bothering in extremely restricted spaces and you’ll every so often need to fix the end jolts that hold everything together.

There are huge amounts of other Lezyne choices in all sizes and materials including the RAP 21 C02 which includes 2.5mm Allen key, level screw, bottle opener, and a metal tire switch, yet the 15 is certainly our sweet-spot decision. It even comes in four distinct hues and you can purchase saves independently

  • All the tools you need plus a bonus C02 inflator head
  • Adequate quality at a cracking price considering the C02 bonus
  • No 2.5mm Allen key
  • The broad body can cause fit issues and comes loose hardly


#3. Crank Brothers Multi-17

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In any event, when its pedals and dropper posts were going fly in hours (it’s OK the current models are very dependable presently) Crank Brothers’ multi-tool despite everything clutched its famous status.

Truth be told, losing my unique one from Interbike at some point a decade ago is probably the saddest second. So what’s so acceptable about it? Not exclusively do the adjusted, knurled sidebars seem as though they’ve placed some idea into the structure, yet they help grasp while limiting mass so you can venture into off-kilter zones. It’s long enough to get an appropriate force on through the eight for wrenches and pedals as well.

The tools are long and great quality high pliable steel as well, despite everything fitting into fixings precisely and safely much after they begin to look somewhat corroded a couple of years in. The chain tool is an especially decent looking forged piece and incorporates open eight (extraordinary for circle brake hoses) and 10mm wrenches that are intense and exact enough to be protected to utilize.

Thinking of it as’ such an example worth following, estimating is satisfactory as well.

  • Really nicely designed
  • Excellent quality versions
  • With cover
  • Compact but high leverage design
  • Slightly weighty
  • Not the cheapest


#2. Topeak Ninja Toolbox T16+

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Topeak most likely delivers a greater scope of multi-tools than any other person we can consider including the unbelievable split body Alien II (£40), a few distinctive fastener packs, and even a smaller than expected ‘Endurance Gear’ toolbox (£28). The Ninja+ is truly extraordinary as well, pressing every one of its tools into a twin-bar game plan toward one side of the carbon-fiber-reinforced pitch body.

The tool body at that point goes about as the handle for the chain splitter on the far end with a draw out 2.5/4mm Allen key driver for a lot of influence. The 6mm additionally goes about as an attachment for other hex tools if needs be and there’s even a clasp off-chain snare for keeping the closures together while you’re dealing with it. All the tools are chrome vanadium for extreme, extensive, all-climate great looks.

Despite the extensive component list and slick additional items, it’s still excessively minimal and truly light at under 100g. It’s additionally accessible as the £37 ‘Topeak Ninja Master Toolbox 16’, bundled inside a plastic case that mounts onto Topeak’s new scope of Ninja bottle confines for simple arrive at comfort.

  • Original super lightweight and compact kit
  • Top-quality steel tools and especially easy to use chain splitter
  • Some functions need a bit of fixing
  • Two 2.5mm keys are the slaughter


#1. Ryder Nutcracker

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While not a devoted multi-tool using any means, we were unable to leave the Ryder Nutcracker off this rundown – it’s that acceptable.

The Nutcracker is one tool each cyclist – particularly the individuals who run tubeless arrangements – ought to consider keeping in their seat sack or pocket. Ignored by many, the Nutcracker can spare you from calling a Uber should you ever encounter any path side wheel hardships, for example, a wrecked valve or blocked valve center.

Modest in size the Nutcracker can be utilized from multiple points of view – in addition to the fact that it is double-sided in usefulness, however, it can likewise release and evacuate tubeless wheel nuts and valve centers just as bend over as a brake cushion spreader. Besides, it additionally houses an extra center inside the tool body – clever undoubtedly.

  • Small and easy to store
  • Pad spreader
  • Valve-core remover
  • Lacks a dedicated casing


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Multi Tool For MTB[Guide]

Whatever your favored cycling discipline, it’s ensured that sooner or later, you’ll experience a mechanical issue. At the point when this occurs, a quality bicycle multi-tool is a key assistant to make alterations or perform straightforward repairs to get you back and riding as opposed to strolling back to the trailhead or sitting tight for a side of the road get. Few out of every odd mechanical issue can be fixed with a multi-tool, yet there is the bounty that can be tended to with a little information and the correct gear.


We don’t rate the tools in this test depends on their cost, yet we do cherish a decent worth. The distinctions in cost between the models in this test are not too extraordinary, and the absolute most noteworthy evaluated models are likewise probably the most affordable. The Blackburn Tradesman is a genuine model, and it is the champ of our Best Buy Award.


Under ordinary conditions with standard use, a decent bicycle multi-tool should last you years, and perhaps decades on the off chance that you can abstain from losing it. Most models are made completely of metal parts like forged aluminum and erosion safe steel. One of the essential toughness worries with multi-tools is the tops of the bits since a spun or adjusted piece is futile and can harm your screws with proceeded with use.


Every one of the models in this test has at any rate what we consider to be the base tools and capacities for both street and mountain biking. These highlights are the standard sizes of hex keys, otherwise called Allen keys, which are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm. Each tool additionally has a Torx 25, star-molded piece. Past that, the tools and capacities fluctuate between the various models. We feel the tools referenced above are fundamental just because they administer the most generally discovered fasteners on the present bicycles. Present-day stems, brakes, brake rotors, calipers, derailleurs, chainrings, pedals, and braces will frequently be useful with this essential tool suite.


Most definitely, we are keen on the tool’s productivity in its plan, which incorporates its shape, feel close by, influence, and convenience of tools comparable to their lengths. A tool with great ergonomics feels comfortable in your grasp, can be gotten a handle on firmly without pressure focuses, and permits you to make a decent measure of influence force when essential.


Convenience is a central structure precept of any multi-tool. In testing, we found that each tool can undoubtedly fit into your pack or saddlebag, yet just a portion of the tools are lightweight and smaller enough to convey comfortably in a pocket. We evaluated each model’s convenience dependent on a blend of both the weight and the size.

Ease of Use

By joining the entirety of the tools you may require into a solitary, smaller unit, multi-tools naturally give an easy to use understanding. For the most part, the distinctions in ease of use of the different models are generally little, yet certain models offer a simpler and quicker experience. Things like conveying cases that must be expelled before use, multiple parts to monitor, or elusive tools are the primary guilty parties that make a tool harder to utilize.




You have a great deal to consider while looking for another bicycle multi-tool. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to be set up for anything or to just go with the rudiments, an assortment of feasible alternatives exists to meet your requirements.

The tools in this test give varying advantages in speed, comfort, and transportability. Contingent upon what you esteem when out for a pedal, your optimal tool probably won’t be equivalent to the following rider’s. We trust that our point by point similar examination encourages you to locate the model that is directly for you.

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