Best MTB Handle Grips

Are you looking for the best MTB handle grips that offer the highest level of comfort and control? Here are my top picks from the best mountain bike grips you can choose today.

Mountain bike grips are an important interface between you and your bike. The best mountain bike grips will keep your hands in place while reducing the effects of vibrations and trail impacts.

There are a few reasons to invest in a new pair of Mtb grips for your mountain bike. If you’ve recently purchased a bike, the original Mtb grips that come with it are unlikely to be a pair you will find comfortable.

Much like the stock tires, they are likely a harder compound and may not be the thickness you find comfortable.


#5. Ergon GD1 Evo Factory: Maximum performance

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The Ergon GD1 is a handle developed for descent. It is round and has a conical shape. It’s the longest in the comparison, so there is room for the hands and it’s rare enough to be emphasized.

From the grip, we feel that it is made for the descent. Hands are everywhere. There is what is needed where it is needed. The test is still in progress.

Nothing to report for the installation.
The grip is interesting with a rather soft factory rubber and with a lot of rebounds. The small, well-distributed cobbles contribute to grip and no doubt to comfort.
The ergonomics provide good sensations. I like the variable diameter reduced to the inch and wider on the outside. No, I have no action at Ergon.
Plan for a lifespan of one season to be validated at the end of a longer-term test.

Edit: Following a chance encounter with a tree, the handle moved outwards without me realizing it. A touch of a tree later, the handle in question split across its entire frame. This handle, therefore, has some weaknesses.

  • Successful style especially in orange
  • Very grippy and comfortable Factory rubber
  • Conical shape
  • Available in regular and slim diameters
  • No wrist angle adjustment
  • End life


#4. Ergon GA3: less fatigue more pleasure

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Handle with palm support to better distribute the pressure and limit the pain of tightening and a coating pleasant to the touch.

From the grip, I naturally find my position, and the small cobbles provide good contact in the dry. They are in a single diameter, so there is thicker with more material absorbing vibrations, therefore more comfortable.
The ergonomics are very well thought out, the only downside to being made, and the lack of customization of the wrist angles. It is nevertheless very effective in limiting the tightening force, therefore less fatigue and more comfort.
If I stick to the lifespan of the GA2 I will say hold at least 2 enduro seasons with a Damocles sword on the ends as shown above.

  • Rear spoiler to improve grip
  • Adherent grip
  • Suitable for big hands
  • Coating
  • resistance at the ends Fragile ends on large impacts


#3. Azonic Razor Wire

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At first glance, this Azonic scared us a little with its barbed wire decoration which did not necessarily suggest optimal comfort and grip. We have to admit that we were wrong because the Razor Wire offers a very appreciable comfort, as well as a good grip. It has a fairly soft rubber which without going to the point of a Renthal or a Race Face Sniper, is really well made.

Even when riding without gloves, you don’t sweat excessively, here is a grip that is really nice to ride and which offers a very good compromise between grip and comfort.

Having driven with several months, we can attest to its good resistance to wear, another good point to its credit. Just like the SB3, this Razor Wire has well-thought-out clamps, with a 3 mm BTR key and a very deep step (even more than that of the SB3) which protects you from the galleys when you have to turn your grip in speed a few minutes before going to ride.

Well seen. On the design side, four colors of lock on are available to you, we can’t really say that there is an embarrassment of choice but it is far from being essential.


#2. Renthal Lock-On

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We have chosen these Renthal in the softest and most sticky rubber possible and no doubt, the comfort that these handles provide is absolutely exemplary, moreover, in this area, a single pair of grips is on an equal footing: the Race Face Snipers.

On the other hand, in use, we quickly realize that the Renthal has an almost flat surface (with small pyramid-shaped pins) which, coupled with the super sticky rubber, makes the hands sweat like never before. Those who ride without gloves will first have to fill their hands with earth (and again, not sure that it works), the others will enjoy the comfort and a grip of madness.

We would like to talk to you about grip wear, unfortunately, we were never able to test it since it only took a benign fall to pull the lock on outside … This is where we realize that the Rentals have a very questionable construction since the lock one does not come to tighten the legs of the grip on the hanger. It is actually glued to the grip via glue, which makes it much more fragile than its colleagues, in torsion but also in the face of shocks. And at 30 euros a grip, we are really entitled to expect something else.


#1. Race Face Half Nelson

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Slightly thinner than the Snipers, the Half Nelson offer a very good rubber, but which is thinner and makes the grip a bit less comfortable.

That said, it is especially the design of the Half Nelson that causes them the most damage against the Snipers since we are dealing here with a super smooth grip which necessarily makes the hands sweat more and will wick less moisture if a storm surprises you in the middle of a ride.

As with the Rentals, we advise you to ride them with gloves. That said, the Race Face writing, which spreads over the entire length of the grip in relief still allows us to obtain a good point of attachment (it must be placed under the phalanges). On the design side, these Half Nelson are available in a wide choice of colors.


MTB grips: everything you need to know to choose them correctly

In a world where the lightest full-suspension makes your wallet cry, where hours and hours of research take you through the technical subtleties that drive our machines, from complex kinematics to suspensions that perform better each year, the choice of two tubes rubber to slip on your hanger may seem like the least of your worries.

And yet, once the perfect look has been found for our frame, with grips in the colors of the frame or whatnot, it is clear that sometimes the feeling does not meet our expectations.

Locking on the hanger: lock-on or classic?

The lock-on system has revolutionized the assembly and disassembly of grips, which was once a tedious operation. Thanks to one or two collars on either side of the grip, you can insert those fitted in a few seconds and secure them to the hanger in two strokes of the Allen key.

The versions with two collars are the most common, but some with a single collar (generally inward) allows a little more research into their molding on the outside, without this affecting their retention on the hanger. In the absence of an outer ring, they have the advantage of not exposing a hard point on the outside of the hanger if you tend to position your hands there.


While the length of a grip is generally harmonized to 130mm, the diameter is an important factor of choice. We are talking here about the external diameter of the grip, the internal diameter being standard. This is a question that we find regularly and to which I will, therefore, answer directly: the diameter of your handlebar, which corresponds to its section at the level of the stem, has absolutely no influence on the grips. Whether intended for a 31.8mm or 35mm stem, at their ends, all handlebars have the same diameter.

The same grip can, therefore, be declined in different diameters, just as there is a variety of diameters for different models. The most common is between 28 and 32mm. This diameter has a direct influence on the amount of material present on the grip. Small diameters have a reduced coating as long as large diameters, quite logically, offer more. This, therefore, has an impact on the feeling of a grip. Even if the hardness of the material plays a role, large grips are more absorbent than thinner ones.


The majority of grips are made of rubber in the broad sense, some are made of silicone such as the aptly named Fabric Silicone. Notorious exception, there are foam grips (silicone) like ESI, especially used in XC for their lightness. The feeling is quite special, we like it or we hate it. Ritchey also offers neoprene models, the WCS.


We find a bit of everything when it comes to the profile of our grips. From traditional spikes to designs motivated above all by the branding of the brand, including large motorcycle-style blocks. In reality, this factor ultimately has relatively little importance on the grip of the grips. On the other hand, it can modify the hardness felt.

Blocks like you can find on the Ourys are easily crushed and provide a good dose of cushioning. We often find this type of pattern on large diameter grips, while on the narrowest the design is often minimalist, due to lack of sufficient thickness.


What to remember to make my choice?

Choosing the right pair of grips is as trivial as it is essential. When all is well, a grip is a grip. Switching from one model to another does not seem able to change your life, although we all have our preferences, especially when it comes to diameter. Switching to a very fine grip when you are used to large diameters gives a rather different feeling indeed.

It’s when things go wrong that things get complicated. Hand pain, arm pain, circulation problems, and other painful wrists: isolating the cause of the problem is often only the first step in treating symptoms that can sometimes have multiple origins.

When it comes to grips, there is no one-size-fits-all model, and you’ll need to try a few if you’re unfortunate enough to fall into the category of problem riders. In any case, I hope I have given you some ideas to help you find your way around.


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