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Best Monitor for Call of Duty PS4

Gaming monitors are not the same as your standard TVs and monitors. They are often optimised specifically for gambling and they supply a space-saving alternative to a widescreen TV. TV’s are good for gaming however, a more responsive gaming monitor may be the edge you require.

In order to enjoy any game at its best, an Individual must Require a Particular monitor that is capable of displaying the high definition images, high refresh rate and fast response time without any problems and dilemmas

Warzone is the newest game mode from Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The battle royale game is free to play with and now one of the most popular games on Twitch, YouTube and other streaming platforms.

In a game that’s about minor advantages, the gambling monitor you use could make all of the difference in the world. Listed below are the top five best monitors for Call of Duty ps4 Warzone.

#5 Asus Rog Swift PG279Q

Screen size: 27 inches | Panel type: IPS | Resolution: 2560×1440 | Response time: 4ms | Refresh rate: 144Hz (165Hz) | Aspect ratio: 16:9

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ASUS Rog Swift is made for serious players only. For people that wish to play with COD on a slim bezel can opt for this gaming computer as it includes a lot of qualities to offer you. The hefty 27″ display size is greater than sufficient to enjoy the ultimate gambling experience.

Aside from that, the 1440p screen includes QHD resolution. It’s the ideal balance of size and resolution to ease the gamer at one of the best possible manners. The gambling monitor includes unique ASUS Eye-care technologies.

Even the PG279Q pairs IPS panel using 144Hz refresh speed to design the very best track in the gambling market. It’s 27 inches and includes a higher resolution of 2560×1440 to guarantee image clarity and high image quality. Its reaction time is merely 4ms and utilizes G-Sync for fluid gambling and also to remove picture tearing. But you need to get a compatible graphics card and therefore this screen is more expensive but lasting.

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Using IPS panel that the screen allows for a broad viewing angle whereas the 1ms response time guarantee excellent picture screening

  • Has faster response time of 4ms
  • Its refresh rate is super fast (144Hz) and clock to 165Hz
  • The ergonomic stand is available
  • It is costly
  • Anti-glare clotting issues

#4 Acer Predator XB321HK 

Screen size: 32 inches | Panel type: IPS | Resolution: 3840×2160 | Response time: 4ms | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Weight: 24.91 pounds

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The predator is just one of the very best gaming monitors for ps4 available on the industry. Using 4K pixel electricity and a 32-inch display, this screen lets you observe the facts of the sport and so helps you to have an edge over the competition.

Adding technology like NVIDIA G-SYNC and IPS, the screen eliminates display tearing hence permit a smooth and pleasant stream of images for an outstanding gaming experience. In addition to the speedy response time and also the high display resolution create your gambling much more pleasurable.

Acer Predator is the best competition for being the best track for playing games such as COD and PUBG easily. The gambling monitor includes a 27″ sizable screen which can give you supreme gambling experience.

With the help of all Nvidia GSync technologies, it is possible to set a fantastic GPU on this screen to delight in an ultra screen with all the smoothest and quickest gaming experience.

The screen features 32 inches display and 3860×2160 resolutions to create the very best 4k image at a reaction rate of 4ms thus improving screen and clarity.
The screen employs innovative IPS panel technology that offers the very best colour at an impressive speed.
Adding the NVIDIAs G-Sync, the screen ensures easy, uninterrupted game-play thus providing you high odds of winning.

  • Has quicker reaction time of 4ms
  • Has a brilliant colour display
  • Large screen supplying the best 4k resolution
  • Offers best viewing angle
  • Has Just 60Hz refresh Speed
  • It Takes NVidia graphics card
  • Demands Costly GPU due for its 4k resolution

#3 AOC G2460PF

Size: 24″ full HD | Style: 144 HZ Height Adjustment | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Risponse Rate: 144 Hz |  Pixel Pitch: (H) (V)- 0.276 | Active screen area (HxW): – 531.36 x 298.89 mm

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The last gaming screen on the list is offered in a really reasonable budget, and you shouldn’t underestimate this monitor due to the specs it has got. The screen includes a 24″ screen having a 1080p full HD resolution which means you can savour good gaming experience at a very affordable budget as well. AMD FreeSync technologies are also present if you would like to join a GPU with this monitor for smooth fps rate.

The monitor comes with a high brightness and contrast ratio. It has a 1ms response time and a contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1 that is just exceptional for this price. On the other hand, the screen also comes with a lot of connectivity options enabling support for consoles, laptops, and PCs.

With this display in your gaming desk, you may fully get immersed in a gambling environment without caring about what is happening out. Another important feature of this screen is, it is possible to mount it on a wall easily. Other than that, you will find just two built-in speakers available on the monitor. But, with very mediocre sound quality.

  • Affordable Price range.
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Wall mountable.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Screen size is a bit less
  • Quality rather cheap.

#2 Dell U2718Q

Size: 27” | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Response Time: 5ms | Panel: IPS | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Pixel Pitch:0.1554 mm x 0.1554 mm

If you discover that the LG 27UK850-W for somewhat too costly or maybe you will not be using the AMD FreeSync technologies, then that is actually the 2nd greatest investment in our roundup.

Like our best selection, the U2718Q is a 27-inch 4K gaming screen with an IPS screen which also supports HDR. 27-inches is regarded as the sweet spot for 4K gambling screens and makes sitting farther away okay.

Even the Dell U2718Q looks simple yet slick and includes thin bezels with a stylish metal finish. Adding to the design, the stand includes a cable control holder to operate your wires through and maintain the overall area clean. The screen also has a lot of adjustment choices, you can adjust the height, tilt, pivot, and swivel; you might also mount it because it is VESA compatible.

The sole downside to this screen is that the normal answer time of 5ms. It’s about as dumb as you desire a gaming computer reaction time to be when you factor in the IPS panel that this issue gets much less of a problem.

Although this screen does not have a joystick navigation button, such as our high pick, it will have four visible buttons situated on the bottom of this bottom-right bezel allowing for simple navigation.

  • 4K resolution
  • Large screen
  • Almost non-existent bezels
  • IPS panel for great colours
  • 5ms response time
  • A little bit expensive


Size: 28″ | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Response Time: 1ms | Panel: TN | Resolution: 3840 x 2160

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If you’re more of an aggressive gamer and favour performance and rate above high resolution and colour reproduction, then that is the very best console monitor based on our own tests.

It also uses the Asus Eye Care technologies to look after your eyes by removing flickering and in precisely the exact same time, reduces the gloomy light to decrease eye pressure. The attractiveness of the screen is that it does all this whilst also coming in at a far lower cost.

It comes with an ergonomically constructed 5-way joystick which allows you to change its brightness, colour, and some different settings through the onscreen display (OSD). This joystick helps you create quick adjustments unlike less instinctive controls found on some comparable tracks.

The screen is somewhat lacking from the aesthetic section, you can say it’s cheap-looking, but the bezels are comparatively thin and should you discount the stand it does not seem all that awful.

The stand is inferior and will not possess some twist in case you go to the table due to this massive screen dimensions. The stand just allows for a fundamental tilt adjustment and forward; no more altitude, rotating shaft, or anything of this kind. And it lacks VESA assistance significance you stuck together with the lacklustre foundation.

  • 4K resolution
  • Fast response rate
  • FreeSync technology
  • Asus Eye Care Technology
  • Poor viewing angles
  • Not VESA compatible

Buying Guide For Best Monitor for Call of Duty PS4

What to Search for When Buying a Gambling Monitor

Some essential aspects to think about before buying a gaming monitor will be as follows.

Gaming screens change in size ranges. The most common ones are from 24″ to 27″. Well, in our view, what should suit one of the best is completely individual. A sweet spot for you can be completely different for another.

But, we recommend for a Full HD resolution (1080p) up to 25″ and for 2k or 4k resolution from 25″ and up. With complete HD you may actually notice a quality image if you go for a 27″ for example, as the pixel ratio is significantly lower.

Remember that 27″ screen monitors aren’t often available in the more reasonable budgets, and also wanting a good refresh rate at the same time. In the event you have a short budget, we will advise you to go for a 24-25″ display.


Resolution matters the most while picking up an ideal gaming computer. There are three types of resolution used in a gambling screen.

• Total HD 1080p resolution (Low-budget)
• QHD 2K resolution (Mid-budget).

You will notice that the price range grows as we move up from 1080p resolution to the 4K one. 4k now comes with a costly price range, and we won’t advise getting them as many aggressive fps games aren’t played with this resolution, however.

The more common settlement, 2K resolution, will be approximately 3-600 bucks. However, on a low-budget, you’ll discover an exceptional gaming screen with1080p resolution. The standard remains 1080p for most of the gambling screens, but in case you want to future-proof your rig

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the measure of just how fast a screen can refresh frames. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). There are three common types of refresh rates available for gaming monitors:

  • 60 Hz
  • 144 Hz

In cases like this, as the frequency rises, the price and characteristics of a gaming monitor also rise. Thus, we’ll advise that you to go for a screen with a refresh rate of at least 144 Hz for PC, as screens with this refresh rate are available in a mid-budget price range and will provide you more pictures so you can make faster decisions in-game.

Ergonomic Design

Regardless of what, you should always lookout for a gambling monitor it is accompanied by an ergonomic stand. Nowadays, an ergonomic stand means that it is able to tilt, swivel and also the monitor’s height could be adjusted according to some greater body posture. This manner, you can set up to a fun gaming experience for you and your back.


Budget is also something to consider while buying a monitor. Gaming monitors reveal many different price ranges, and you need to go after the one that is supplying several attributes in an affordable price range.

However, as you look for high-quality features, the cost can also go. Thus, don’t forget to take a look at your budget and what particular features you need before buying a gaming monitor.


That might be it from our side. We expect you’ve got enough understanding of gambling monitors. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your fantasy gaming screen to be able to enjoy COD like never before!

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