Best Headset for Dragon Naturally Speaking

Are you using Dragon Naturally Speaking loyalty computer software? On the lookout for compatible and also the most precise voice recognizing headsets for Dragon NaturallySpeaking? To begin with, you need to determine if you want to use a corded or wireless headset.

Using a wireless headphone, you still have the freedom to walk away from the own computer wirelessly and speak around 300ft away without any cables attached.

Now’s the wireless headset is equally as apparent as any headset. Nuance has thoroughly analyzed many cans and has graded them accordingly with an accurate scale. Some of those recommended cans and my favorite choices for Dragon Naturally Speaking (all with the 5-dragon accuracy ratings).

I have done heavy research on speech recognition forums such as the know brainer forum, dictation groups like Dragon cyclists and combed through countless amazon product comments from actual users, as well as my own personal experience, in an attempt to find one of the top-recommended headsets you may purchase for authentic dictation.

Hereunder, in no specific order, Would Be the Present Best wired mono and stereo Headphones online for speech recognition software:

#5 Andrea NC 185VM USB

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The Andrea NC 185VM USB headset out of Andrea communications is an upgrade refresh of their very popular NC 181VM headset which became one of the most well-known speeches recognition headphones for dragon naturally speaking.

It has a very long 6 inches microphone boom which provides a whole lot of room for alteration and you’ll be able to position it straight to both sides of your mouth where it will collect the best quality sound for your dictation program.

The Andrea NC185VM headset also comes at a mono, single-ear headset variant too. Here is the version that you need if you would like to keep the total weight or you will need to get one ear discovered in any way times.

Due to its clear quality of audio, it is not only good for dictation but also good for office work, zoom, video or Skype calls in addition to voice-overs for your own tutorials.

Members of this Dragon riders dictation Facebook group claim to get quite excellent dictation accuracy with this headset. The mic is noise-canceling, it’s comparatively lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

This is very important whether you are likely to dictate for lengthy periods of time. Padding about the earmuffs is great hence nearly all the reviews I read about this headset on purchasing sites had no problem wearing this headset all day long.

I don’t like that the cable comes out of both speakers and so maybe uncomfortable to swiftly put on or take off the headset. Complete the build quality surpasses a little bit and it’s not the slimmest of designs therefore it’s something to pay attention to as rough handling this headset might lead to breakage.

Largely made of plastic (with the elastic band in alloy ), it’s not the most premium headsets out the appearance and feel, but it will get the work finished.

  • Slim design type of headset
  • Cheap headset with clear voice quality
  • 40mm speakers with CD quality
  • Extra-long 8 foot shielded cable
  • Not the best looking

#4 Logitech USB headset H390

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Even the Logitech USB headset H390 is among the most popular cans for speech recognition as well as office work.

The overall build quality pleasant but delicate so you are going to have to take care of it to prevent it breaking. The on-ear pads are made of soft leatherette and well-cushioned allowing you to utilize this headset comfortably for extended periods of time.

Sound quality from the speakers is okay so you won’t be let down with this. The mic boom is quite long and wraps around in front of your own face but has very limited adjustability.

Mostly just down or up. Due to its duration, the mic reaches near your mouth and can capture your voice for speech recognition.

In case you have a large head, then this headset might not be for you due to the limited adjustability and stiff structure. It is mostly going to put a squeeze in your head so listen to this if you’re searching for a comfortable headset to purchase.

  • High-functionality for low-cost
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Manual volume/mute controls
  • Doubles as a gaming headset
  • Headset ear pads aren’t exactly over-the-ear

#3 Jabra Evolve 40 Stereo UC 

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The Jabra Evolve 40 headset is a really stylish expert headset with its dark and crimson-stained layout.

Together with Jabra, you can trust good build quality using superior materials. Here is the model that you want if you would like to keep the total weight or you want to possess one ear discovered whatsoever times.

This headset includes a wonderful party trick. It is flexible for use as USB headset or you’ll be able to detach the 3.5 mm, then TRRS jack, in the inline control in the center of the cable and plug it into your own smartphone for dictation on the move.

This sets it in an entirely different league of cans. Headsets may be employed with a digital voice recorder, a pc in addition to using a 3.5-millimeter jack smartphone.

Most online testimonials are fairly on the fence in regards to this headset. It’s assumed to be an excellent performer if you believe it is a Jabra, however many critical reviews of this say that it is not too good at canceling sound and readily picks your breath if you don’t accurately position the mic capsule. There’s not any touchscreen display covering the mike.

  • Rich audio quality
  • Large control cable (95 cm)
  • Noise-canceling unidirectional microphone
  • Control pod in-line with cable
  • A bit heavy/bulky for very long use.

#2 Koss Communications CS100-USB 

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The Koss Communication CS 100 USB mic is only an all-around ok headset. Okay, build quality (a bit bulky for my liking), ok noise canceling and sound quality.

The Koss CS 100 also comes in a mono, single-ear headset variant too. Here is the model that you want if you want to keep the overall weight or you want to get one ear uncovered whatsoever times.

The structure is sturdy and it seems good. Personally, I think the yellow/gold-dish color makes it not too discreet, but if you’re okay with this, then it is a fantastic headset.

Looking all around the Internet for people’s experiences for this headset, I discovered that when it comes to ordering with language recognition applications particularly Dragon Professional Individual, this headset performs very well.

Users of the headset also promised that it be quite good with Rosetta Stone software. If better precision with the dictation is exactly what you’re searching for, then the Koss communications headset might be worth a try especially once you think about the very low price.

The sound quality from the speakers is nice. The typical sound and high quality of sound which you could get with these minimal tier cans.

  • Long flexible and fully adjustable microphone boom
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • USB plug headset
  • Excellent with speech recognition
  • May it painful to Wearing this

#1 Plantronics 85619-101 BlackWire C320

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The Plantronics Blackwire C320 is a Hardy lightweight headset from the well-known Plantronics brand.

It among the most recognized and recommended headsets for language recognition software like Dragon Professional Individual (formerly called Dragon NaturallySpeaking).

This is a USB headset using relatively fine build quality even though the majority of the parts are made from vinyl. The headband, however, is alloy and lightweight.

The microphone boom while is not that flexible and adjustable at the point, which means you’ve got 2 pay attention to them if you intend to buy this mike.

The black cable C320 works well with WebEx, Zoom, Skype, and recording video or audio from your computer. It’s also essential to notice however that the mike boom does not have a touchscreen display covering the mike capsule, which means that your voice may not seem too clear.

If you take a look at pictures online for this headset, then you’ll see that the majority of people have resorted to really putting some DIY foam or screen over the mike capsule to help restrict the soda and crackling sounds.

The sound quality from the speakers is nice and rich. Clearly, it is not quite as fantastic as the higher grade cans offered for a whole lot more cash, but good enough.

  • Binaural USB On-Ear headset
  • Inline indicator lights and call, volume, mute controls
  • Headband provides comfortable
  • Offers simple, plug-and-play USB connectivity
  • Too much expensive

Buying Guide For Best Headset for Dragon Naturally Speaking

The way to pick the best dictation headset for you.

Here below are some crucial consideration would be to have while looking for the best speech recognition headset.

Headset weight and overall comfort

It’s extremely important to consider the complete weight of the headset. You going to be wearing this for extended hours of dictation/office work and so it is extremely essential that your headset does not put pressure on your head and throat. You want to have the ability to put on a headset and virtually forget it’s there.

The total comfort and padding of this headset are also quite important. Cheap materials utilized on economical headsets are just going to create discomfort, pain, heating from the ears, perspiration, etc.. Sometimes it’s much better to spend just a tiny bit longer on a well-known brand headset built with better stuff.

Single or dual-ear cans?

If you’re likely to require the headset for listening to audio then you will gain from a stereo double ear headset. If that will be strictly a dictating headset then, the greatest benefit to having a single ear headset is the reduction in weight thus, increasing comfort over a long period of usage.

Seconded very carefully by the benefit of getting another ear free which will enable you to pay attention to other things and other sounds coming. It is also popular with drivers that by legislation (in some parts of the planet ) can not possess both ears inhabited by a headset.

Depending on your dictation style, if you want to speed up, a longer USB cable can come in handy. It might however also turned into a hassle as you always have the cable wrapping itself around things simply hanging around weighing down your own headset.

If you’re going to be dictating with speech recognition software such as Dragon Professional Individual, you want a headset with an extremely good noise-canceling microphone. This is going to filter out the sound on you and isolate your voice for the applications.

Make sure to have a flexible microphone boom arm.

The microphone capsule needs to be set on the side of the mouth not right in front of it. Putting the microphone directly in front of the mouth will introduce it into breathing sounds from your mouth or nose, plosives, etc.. You want a headset that permits you to place the mic capsule properly by adjusting the elastic boom.

Left or Right side utilization of the mic boom.

While this isn’t among the most crucial points, it may come in useful to be able to use your microphone boom on the right or left side of your mouth. Wherever it is more comfortable. Oddly enough, I get greater accuracy with the mike boom on the right side of the mouth. My Jabra UC voice 750 headsets empower 180°+ spinning so I can pick that side of my face I want the boom on. Consider this when searching for the next dictation headset.

Be sure it’s a USB headset

For speech recognition, you definitely want a USB headset. It’s really a necessity. If you never buy USB headset you’ll likely be forced by very minimal precision, then to buy a USB sound card to convert 3.5 mm jacks into digital output via USB.

The explanation you want a USB headphone is always to bypass the PC’s 3.5mm analog input and internal sound card that is always affected by the various computer internal sounds, vibrations, and other stationary frequencies.

Be sure it has a touchscreen display over the microphone capsule.

You ought to make sure your headset microphone features a form screen over its capsule. That will be always to help smoothen out your voice as well as keep out wind sound. It also helps you to limit the intensity of benign plosives in your own documents. Some headsets, even of renowned brands, come with this touchscreen display, therefore, pay attention to the.


I hope you found some help in this informative article. My main goal would be to do the essential legwork that will push you in the perfect way as you’re searching for a good headset for dictation.

Feel free to contact me if you have some questions about dictation overall and please share with us your experiences with anyone of the headsets above-all of the main one you’re currently using for dictation.

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