Best Bowling Ball For Hook Beginners

A game of skill and precision, bowling can be learned through practice. To be passionate about this hobby involves an initiation from the ground up. Do you want to practice bowling? Learn more about the bowling ball. Through this guide, you will discover the balls best suited to a novice bowler. How to choose the best bowling ball for hook beginners to advance faster in mastering this game?

Through this article, we will try to help you make the best possible choice with the help of a buying guide, a comparison, but also some tips to get a good score.

It can be challenging to choose your first bowling ball, but this article will simplify the process and allow you to bowl a lot more strokes.

You can quickly get strike after strike and have the ball do most of the work for you. Dial-in your speed, swing, and release, and you’ll have no problem hitting your dream 200+ average.


#1. EBONITE TURBO/R Bowling Ball


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The Ebonite Turbo/R is another skate/flip type ball that cuts through the oil and hooks on the rear part. The back hook is relatively smooth compared to other balls on this list and has less overall hook potential.

The cover stock is the GB 10.7 pearl. It’s not the most sticky coverstock that can help your game if you’re a beginner. Better to have a ball that you can control than something that hangs unpredictably. It has the same finish as the Blue Vibe hammer and the Columbia 300 Nitrous.

This ball comes with the Turbo/R core, which is shaped like a modified bulb core. The spread is also relatively small and adds to the predictability as there is no massive potential for flares.


#2. Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for beginners

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Thanks to its constitution, it grips the fairway well and therefore reduces the risk of the ball slipping to the side of the track.

This model seems less resistant according to some players who have already tried it.

For better precision of the trajectory, this model is perfect, although its resistance remains to be desired.

Inexpensive, the Brunswick TZone will offer you through this model a superior quality compared to other standard bowling balls thanks to its nitrous core. Designed, taking into account the needs of players, we can discover in this product all the characteristics expected of a bowling ball.

Whether in the design or in the performance itself, this is the ideal product for your amusement. You could then play differently with very stylish balls that will help you have confidence in your games, but above all, to win even more.

Besides having a practical bowling ball, you can also choose between different styles. The Brunswick TZone is available in different colors ranging from bewitching pink to a sure color tone close.

The composition of the core is essential in a bowling ball. Indeed, it is this core that allows us to define the way for the ball to roll on the track.

The Brunswick TZone has a maximum turn radius of 2,715 and a minimum turn radius of 2,696, so an RG Differential of 0.019, which helps the ball on its way to the pins.

  • The Brunswick TZone is an inexpensive model that weighs exactly 4.54 kg
  • USBC Approved
  • Quality Workmanship, made of polyester material with a polished finish
  • No Original Holes


#3. Brunswick Rhino bowling div

best bowling ball for beginners

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It presents, with a good finish, a very sought after and exquisite external appearance to make the opponent tremble in addition to being a versatile model that is suitable for young and old.

This model is not very suitable for professional competitors—a perfect ball to wow your opponents when you are starting as a player.

If you’re still wondering how to pick the best bowling balls, consider the Zone T Cosmic – Caribbean Blue model bowling ball. It is a ball that is covered with balanced polyester in its composition. This is to the advantage of bowling players, as the shots and throws will therefore be more controlled. Thus, we best reach the pins when playing and, therefore, the possibility of winning as often as possible.
Zone T Cosmic – Caribbean Blue offers these bowling balls to consumers at an excellent price, so purchasing it will save you money. Whether you want to start in the business or want to spruce up your hobby room while having more good playing skills, the cost will not be an issue, as it is within everyone’s reach.

If you want to save money, but have a product that is both stylish and visually simple, the Zone T Cosmic – Caribbean Blue bowling ball is the bowling ball for you.

  • Covered in balanced polyester
  • Affordable Price
  • For beginners and experts
  • Lightweight
  • Limited features


#4. WD Columbia 300 White Dot Ball

best bowling ball for beginners

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The WD Columbia 300 was designed with a polyester coating. This material is known to offer great resistance to shocks. Thanks to this manufacture, this article has a completely acceptable lifespan.

The polished finish of this model allows it to roll easily on any track. The amount of friction is built up, making the ball spin faster. The latter can then move more quickly towards the pins, without too much effort from the pitcher.

This item weighs approximately 4.99 kg. It is an average weight that will prevent you from getting tired too quickly if you are playing several games in a row. This, therefore, allows beginners to accumulate experience in a short time.

If you’re still looking for the best performing bowling ball, we have the WD Columbia 300 for you.

  • Resistant: This model was made of polyester material
  • Easy to use: With a weight of only 4.99 kg, this article is relatively easy to handle
  • Polished Finish: The smooth surface offers both a chic design while ensuring a short glide length
  • Only For Beginners


#5. Brunswick Magnitude 035 Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for beginners

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In bowling, as in all sporting disciplines, using a high-performance device determines the development of your abilities. It is with this in mind that Brunswick has developed this material. No matter your level, you can count on the qualities of this equipment.

First, the manufacturer opted for a polished coating, making it easier to throw and glide on the parquet. This reference will then allow you to work on your shooting precision and improve your abilities. In general, it is intended for all player profiles.

Even if you are starting in the field, this item can become your go-to material thanks to its asymmetric core design. This technology produces optimal interaction on the track while also giving you more accuracy during the throw.


  • Versatile: This model adapts to the performance of beginners as well as to those of professionals
  • Suitable for everyone: The designer chose a shade that will appeal to both men and women
  • Asymmetric heart: The Magnitude 035 has a core allowing the ball to perform a rotating trajectory
  • Need Drilling: This model does not have any holes upon purchase


#6. Brunswick Bowling Vintage Phantom 

best bowling ball for beginners

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To get the most out of a game of bowling, there is nothing like having a quality ball. This copy benefits from a clear improvement of the Vintage Phantom by Brunswick. The constructor retains its distinctive properties while adding advanced technologies to meet contemporary playing conditions.

It adds an update to the Savvy Hook to perfect this product. This allows it to provide a powerful sweeping action. Apart from that, this declination has a new form of reaction, thanks to the low differential and RG, DOT, Cynosure Core. DynamiCore. Better yet, it has more teeth at the surface of the shell, which optimizes overall traction.

Item is not designed with the old urethane finish. It has a modern reactive version guaranteeing its ease of use. Besides all these strengths, the manufacturer has not neglected anything in the design of the ball. It is displayed in black and steel gray, leaving a note of novelty to the original Phantom style.

With its weight of 5.4 to 6.8 kg, it stands out on its excellent stability. Although it weighs a little heavy compared to its competitors, it especially delights the experienced bowling.

  • An improved version of the Vintage Phantom
  • Powerful and Predictable Movement: With its reliable quality, optimized coverage as well as the updated Savvy Hook, the item offers excellent rear action movement.
  • Superior quality core
  • Supplied undrilled and without holes

Things To Consider For Your First Bowling Ball


In general, the heavier the ball, the better. While the heavier 14- or 15-pound balls may seem intimidating, they really aren’t. This is one of the main advantages of getting your custom pierced ball to fit your hand. If the thumb, wingspan, and steps are drilled correctly, it will be easy to use a heavy ball.

When a properly pierced ball is thrown correctly, very little muscle should be used. You shouldn’t have to squeeze the ball to hold it. The swing is a loose pendulum swing that uses gravity rather than force. Bowling relies much more on the skeletal system of the body than on muscles. Holding the ball shouldn’t take a lot of energy, and neither should your throw.

If you’re an adult, you can probably bowl up to 14 or 15 pounds. The advantages of using a more massive ball are enormous. Lighter balls tend to bounce off the pins rather than through them. Watch for other bowlers the next time you are in the aisle. When people use softer balls, even a seemingly perfect shot will leave the pins still standing. More lightweight balls carry less energy through the pins and therefore are less likely to get you those lucky shots.

Choose a ball that weighs a few pounds more than the “homemade ball” you usually use. Almost all good bowlers use a 14-16 pound ball, and you should take that fact very seriously.


On a excellent bowling hook, you want to use a “reactive” coverstock. Responsive tailstocks are made of a porous material that grips the aisle and snaps securely into the pins. There are three common types of reactive hedging stocks, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The types of roofing materials are solids, pearls, and hybrids.

The main difference between the two is “strength”—stronger balls earlier, and weaker balls later. For now, let’s dive a little deeper into each type of coverstock and learn how they react with aisles.


The pearly sleeves are smooth and generally shiny. Among the balls featured in this article, the Ebonite Turbo / R and the Columbia 300 Nitrous both come with a mother-of-pearl cover.

These covers tend to descend further down the aisle before snagging. This type of movement is often referred to as “angular.” This type of activity is suitable for beginners. The pearly sleeves tend to slip down the front part of the aisle even if there is little oil. However, when it hits the dry boards near the pins, the smooth siding receives a ton of friction and grips inward. Absence on the outside is much less of a problem with pearls than with solids or hybrids.


When it comes to the on-going reaction of a blanket stock, solids are on the opposite end of the pearl spectrum. These sleeves are much more robust and tend to snag earlier. An early hook is commonly referred to as a hook with a “smooth” motion. The ball starts to hook more before and has a less violent hook at the back of the fairway.

Solids are less often recommended for beginners, but this is a generalization more than a rule. In general, solid coverstocks are too strong for beginners, but it depends on other factors like the core and the finish applied to the coverstock.


Hybrid coverstocks are exactly what they seem to be. This is a hybrid of solids and covers pearls. This is one of the main reasons the Black / Cherry Storm Tropical Breeze is the number one ball on this list.

Hybrids have a good balance of sweetness and angularity. The ball will catch a little later than a solid, but will not have the (sometimes) violent and unpredictable hook of a bead. For all bowlers, but especially beginners, predictability is incredibly essential.


The AKA base weight block has a significant impact on the performance of the ball. The physics of the effect of the kernel on version is very complicated. Most experienced bowlers do not have a real understanding of the geometry and physics of the ball. Beginners don’t need to learn a lot about cores, but there are a few things you should know.


Pancake cores were incredibly popular many years ago, but they are rarely seen in high-end balls these days. Pancake cores can sometimes be found in plastic balls, but for the most part, they are outdated technology. They don’t create enough movement.


Symmetric cores are cores symmetrical about an axis. For example, the popular “light bulb” core, as seen in the tropical storm breeze, is symmetrical around the vertical axis containing the “pin” or top of the core. Although there are significant exceptions, symmetrical bodies tend to have smoother movement.

Symmetrical cores are generally recommended for beginners because they are predictable. A simple, relatively low, symmetrical RG balanced core paired with a smooth overlay is your best choice for a beginner bowling ball.


Asymmetrical cores can have very complex shapes and are found in high-end bowling balls. There are many exceptions, but asymmetric cores tend to have late and very angular movement on the track. The reason they are generally not recommended for beginners is that they are much more difficult. The tilt of the axis, the rotation of the axis, the positive point of the axis, etc. must be taken more seriously. When drilling/using a ball with an asymmetric core.

If you are stationary on your first ball having an asymmetric core, then your best bet would be to pick one with a low intermediate differential. Simply put, the intermediate differential is a numerical way of describing how symmetrical the core is.

The geometry of balls is an incredibly complex subject. If you want to learn more, you can check out other articles on bowling.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How to hold a bowling ball?

Bowling balls all have three drill holes for gripping them. The larger hole is for the thumb location. The other two are used to accommodate the middle and ring fingers. The two remaining fingers, i.e., the index finger and the little finger, act as a stabilizer for the equipment during the throw. The membrane between the thumb and forefinger should not relax or relax too much.

Q2: How to throw a bowling ball?

The first step in throwing the bowling ball is to take a stand. Your location should be, on average, four paces behind the foul line. So you will have momentum while avoiding unnecessary races. Adopt a starting posture. Your body should curl forward with your knees slightly bent. The ball as for it is maintained at the level of the bust, the fingers in the openings, and the other hand in support. When you start to move forward, leave the equipment to the weight of its gravity, arching backward. The arm holding the material accompanies the ball until release. The fingers should naturally free themselves from the holes at the end of the performance.

Q3: How to throw a reactive bowling ball?

The work of the initial posture forms the basis of the bowling throw. To do this, make sure that the position of the ball and that of your hand are the same. When swinging, swing the equipment so that its movement creates an arc before releasing it onto the track. In order to make a correct throw, it is advisable to release the thumb before the other fingers present in the holes.

Q4: How to give effect to a bowling ball?

The achievement of effects on a bowling ball depends mainly on the location of the thumb on the material in question. It is, therefore, crucial that you place your fingers in order in the holes. When releasing the equipment, practice a rotational motion with your fingers. It is at this precise moment that you will decide on the trajectory that your device will take once it has reached the dry track. It can be a curve varying to the left or to the right.

Q5: How much does a bowling ball weigh?

Bowling balls come in several weights. This can range from 6 lbs, or about 2.7 kg for children to 16 lbs, or 7.250 kg for older ones. They are sometimes equipped with numbers used to recognize their mass at a glance. It should be noted that despite this difference in weight between the equipment, the dimensions remain unchanged, i.e., 22 cm in circumference.

Q6: How to choose the weight of my bowling ball?

The weight of the device determines the excellent execution of the throw. In order to determine the mass of the ball that will suit you, you can calculate it in lbs by taking 1/6 of your weight in kg. As an example, the ideal ball for an 80 kg man is 15 lbs. You can also perform a simple test. Hold the equipment in your hand, fingers inserted, for about 20 seconds. If you are shaking, the model is too heavy for you.



I hope this article not only helped you decide which ball you want to buy but also taught you a bit about why this ball would be a good choice.

At the very least, you should have a ball that with a smooth finish as seen with most pearl covers, and a low differential to have controllable movement across the aisle.

Asymmetrical cores and strong sleeves are often too difficult for a beginner to handle. However, if you strongly believe that a premium, a hard-to-hook bowling ball is what you want, then you can check out Bowling Is Easy’s article on the most difficult to hook bowling balls.

But try not to get too carried away by the most difficult ball to catch. It is much more important to hit the pocket regularly than to have a ton of hooks.

If you’ve read this far, you not only have 5 Great Recommendations for Beginner Bowling Balls but hopefully, you also have the knowledge to go out there and pick your own ball if you find something else that catches your eye. Your look.

If you still need a bowling bag to carry your balls to and from the aisle, check out our article on the best single and double bowling bags.

Either way, thanks for reading, and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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