Best Moisture Meters For Wood

Moisture can be a real problem, especially if it starts to affect your home, patio, or other wooden structures. Leaving unattended can become a real problem, and in the case of caravans that can be left neglected for much of the year and regularly subjected to the elements.

It can cause untold and costly damage in trying to remedy it. Wood you might be storing for your fire or log burner can also be too wet if you have to leave it outside, meaning it just won’t burn hot enough to keep you and your family. , warm during the harsh winter months.

It’s not just that, if you intend to work with wood as part of a design project around your home or garden, you will want to make sure that it is suitable for your use and that it is not wet or rotten before you even start using it. This is where a moisture meter can be a handy little device. While it may not be the most exciting gadget ever, it is certainly very practical and useful for anyone who regularly deals with wood.

So let’s take a look at the best moisture meters for wood available on the market today. It is certainly very practical and useful for anyone who regularly deals with wood. They are inexpensive and can be essential for early detection of moisture and help you maintain a dry lumber warehouse. So let’s take a look at the best moisture meters available on the market today.


#5. General tools MMD4E moisture meter

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For nearly a century, General Tools has been producing specialized precision tools and has an extensive line of more than 1,000 tools regularly used by craftsmen, craftsmen, and a fleet of specialized DIY enthusiasts around the world. They would have a moisture meter as part of their enviable program and it would be part of our best moisture meter review. In fact, we made it our best choice today.

The General Tools MMD4E is a pin measuring device with an LCD. It is the best solution for facility maintenance, home renovation, and restoration, inspection services as well as general woodworking. Water damage can be the first sign of mold and serious problems to come, so early detection can help with long-term prevention. The key to stopping mold before it can grow is to find any problematic moisture quickly. If moisture goes unnoticed for long periods, it can wreak havoc in the home and lead to harmful mold growth, among other things.

The General Tools MMD4E Hygrometer uses pin sensors that can be easily placed in the wood you want to check, to monitor and record the humidity level present. The advantage is that you can decide to dry out or completely remove the affected material before the problem gets worse. It is easy to use, a profitable purchase, and could save you time and money in the long run by allowing you to quickly detect and determine corrective action to repair existing moisture. Use the water meter to check the water content of any wood before you buy it and also as a detector for water leaks after flooding or general water damage.

  • The ergonomic size that fits in one hand
  • Easy to read backlit LCD
  • Battery operated
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Make a loud sound


#4. General Tools MMH800 4-in-1 Combination Moisture Meter

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We stay with General Tools for our next product recommendation which is the MMH800 type combination water meter. This 4 in 1 meter can be used with or without a needle and has two screens to monitor the humidity percentage as well as the ambient temperature and humidity. The beauty of this dual-purpose feature with or without a pin is that you can get precise and precise moisture content readings as well as quickly scan a large area.

This way, you can make a very informed decision on whether to just dry out or completely replace an affected area. Sweep large areas of drywall and wood quickly using the moisture pocket detector, then once you spot any moisture stains

The General Tools MMH800 is perfect for locating water leaks and measuring all kinds of humidity levels, not only in wood but also in drywall, plaster walls, carpets, flooring, bricks, joints, and even earth. It is a multifunctional water meter in every way. There is an easy to read and highly visible dual LCD screen as well as an audible water detection alarm. The audible alarm has a high, medium, and low-level indicator, so you automatically know what you are dealing with. The humidity level can also be maintained for convenient viewing at a later stage without losing your results.

Overall, this device is ideal for leaking water and for measuring water content in a wide range of common surfaces and materials. If you like shopping for handy tools, check out our guide to the best multimeters.

  • The ergonomic size that fits in one hand
  • Multifunction – ; pine / pinless
  • Bright, easy-to-read dual-display LCD screen
  • Battery operated
  • Spare pins included
  • Make a loud sound


#3. Calculated Industries 7440 AccuMaster XT AccuMaster XT Digital Moisture Meter

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Above, our best water meter recommendation comes from Calculated Industries and is their Accumater XT 7440 digital meter. It was designed to be used not only on wood but also for detecting moisture in walls, ceilings. , carpets, and firewood. You can effectively use this small, powerful, inexpensive device to find leaks hidden in all kinds of walls and surfaces around your home, trailer, mobile home, or any site you might be working on.

Check that your firewood is ready to burn or that the lumber or hardwood that you use for woodworking is the optimum condition for use. By checking the moisture content of the wood first, you can prevent cracks,

With very sharp pins, you can quickly and easily see if your humidity is low (5-11%), medium (12-15%), or high (16-50%). Also, the Calculated Industries 7440 monitor comes with additional features and benefits. It is easy to use and has a rugged and user-friendly look and feel that is solidly reliable. There are a large, easy-to-read backlit display and a handy freeze feature that records and keeps your reading for you to refer to later. Humidity levels are indicated by both icons as well as an audible sound and there is an auto shut-off feature. There are also built-in calibration test pins and a 9V battery is included. The real beauty of this moisture meter is that it allows you to check the rate of

Everything you need is included in the box, including a protective cap, that 9V battery we mentioned before as well as a full user guide. The Accumaster XT works well on all types of lumber and lumber and offers a range of 5-50% for lumber and 1.5-33% for other building materials.

Overall, its accuracy is +/- 3%. Using this device couldn’t be simpler, and with millions of happy customers already choosing this brand, you really can’t go wrong. From lumber and lumber to brick, concrete, drywall, and plaster, this backlit, replaceable LCD is truly a smart choice.

  • Holds easily in the hand
  • Multi-functional
  • User-friendly
  • Very bright screen
  • Battery operated
  • Pins break easily into hardwood surfaces


#2. Pro Tools Sam Dual Moisture Meter

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Another economical solution for detecting the moisture level of water in the wood, this double meter from Sam Products comes with 4 detection probes and is a needle meter with a digital LCD display. The Sam Pro Dual Moisture Meter can quickly check the humidity level as well as the temperature in all kinds of wood, concrete, and other building materials that are also used.

It is not only useful for recording the humidity level, but it can also be used to detect water damage caused by flooding or leaks and to indicate whether building materials are dry and safe to use and whether dry firewood is suitable for combustion.

Using the device couldn’t be simpler. Just remove the protective cap, press the on/off button, then select the material type. This is a handy feature that not all moisture meters contain and can certainly speed up and make the process of checking your materials more accurate and efficient.

All you have to do next is push the pins straight into the wood or other material you are measuring, and after a few seconds, the result will be recorded on the LCD screen. With a backlight, you can also take measurements in hard-to-reach spaces and a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. There is even a Min and Max display function. In addition to providing a humidity measurement,

The unit comes with its carrying case so you can take it with you to different jobs and sites, in addition to a full user manual and a 9V battery. This is the tool you’ll want to have handy in your toolbox.

  • Holds easily in the hand
  • Multi-functional
  • User-friendly
  • Very bright screen
  • Battery operated
  • The protective cap may be difficult to remove.


#1. FLIR MR40 Moisture Pen with integrated flashlight

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Our second best moisture meter is a little different from the others we’ve reviewed so far, in that it’s designed and shaped like a pen so it’s super portable and needed to carry in your pocket. Best of all, it also works as a flashlight, so it’s quite ideal for builders, inspectors, renovators, and all kinds of contractors.

It provides reliable and accurate reading while staying on budget. The FLIR MR40 Hydrating Pen is very easy to use and comes with a set of spare pins.

It may be small and compact, but it doesn’t lack power or reliability. It has a bright LCD and sound indication. There is an easy to use on/off button as well as an auto power-off function and it has a sturdy and portable design which means you can easily take it anywhere with you.

Small and inconspicuous enough to fit in a pocket, it can help you take measurements in hard-to-reach places. It is also splash-proof and tested at a depth of 3 meters. As with the other best moisture meters we’ve looked at so far, it again features a “Hold” feature that lets you save and evaluate a measurement later. It is easy to use, fully portable, and can quickly find and quantify potential moisture issues. Always keep it handy in your tool kit.

  • Portable pen design
  • Battery operated
  • Ease of use
  • Integrated axis calibration / verification
  • Provides reliable measurements
  • Dimly lit display


How we chose our selection of moisture meters for wood?

As with all of our comprehensive buying guides, competitive research and careful evaluation of customer and professional reviews form the basis of our analysis. We choose our products based on good feedback, competitive and realistic prices, and product quality with high production value.

We’ve chosen a representative line that offers value, choice, convenience, and quality from a handful of well-established and sometimes lesser-known brands that have all of these essential features in place.

We like that not everyone has access to the same budget, so there will always be the best choice and best value recommendation, as well as our Premium pick. If you are looking to buy a moisture meter, our goal, through our Best of Guide, is to highlight the choices that we hope you find worthy of investing in your own money.


Features to look for in best moisture meters for wood

Basically, in the lumber industry, there are two main types of moisture meters: the pin model and the pinless model. Both, of course, exist to perform a primary function: detecting the level and degree of moisture present in wood and using either an electromagnetic field (without a pin) or an electric current (with a pin). Let’s take a closer look at some of the main distinguishing features that a moisture meter ideally should have.


You can also see a pin hygrometer called a resistance hygrometer. The beauty and benefit of this type of meter are that it can take a reading of any type and size of wood, regardless of its shape, texture, or size. To do this, you need to physically push the pins into the wood at different strategic points to capture the dimension you want to monitor. A direct current is then triggered which then moves from one pin to another. The resistance it encounters on the road is reflected in the humidity level present in this piece of wood.


Meters are also called electromagnetic field meters, and their great advantage is that they can scan the water content of an entire board without having to drill into the wood itself. Their operation consists of emitting an electric wave that passes through a sensor which presses the wood again. Depending on the moisture content in the wood, the behavior of the electromagnetic field changes.

Pinless meters are capable of measuring the ability of wood to store energy, which is called capacity. The resistance of wood to the electromagnetic field is called impedance, and the power absorbed by wood is called power loss. These calculations are all used to determine the level of humidity present. Pinless counters also have the advantage of being portable, which means you can take your counter with you whenever you want to purchase any lumber and test it on-site to make sure it’s suitable for your needs. needs.

Accuracy and Temperature Correction

The accuracy of your moisture meter and the reading it provides will be primarily affected by two factors, the density of the wood as well as the temperature. If you are checking the humidity of a different wood species than what your moisture meter was originally set to accommodate, then you will need to keep in mind that your settings will need to be adjusted to record an accurate temperature. Usually, as the default setting, the meters are and to read the humidity of a Douglas-fir in a temperature of around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moisture Content-Range

To get an accurate reading, a range of 7-20% moisture is recommended. If you buy a device with humidity above this range, be prepared for erroneous readings and more than an occasional glitch! However, a higher humidity level can be useful if you are drying your damp wood.

Pin length

When buying a water meter, probably the most important question is whether you want a variety with or without a pin and to answer this question it is best to understand what kind of wood you will be handling the most. regularly and the conditions under which you will be working. In addition to this key consideration, the length of the pin is also something you might want to consider, and generally speaking there is a rule that states that the average depth of a panel’s moisture content is approximately equal to a quarter or a fifth of the thickness of this panel.

Therefore, if you most often work with panels that are 1.5 inches thick, then to get an accurate and consistent humidity reading, you will need a meter with 0.312-inch pins. It’s not an exact science, but it’s a rule of thumb that can help eliminate some assumptions.


When it comes to the types of displays that moisture meters are most commonly equipped with, there are four main options you can choose from.

  • LED – Light-emitting diode
  • LCD – Liquid crystal display
  • Analog
  • Digital LED

Also pay attention to the size and resolution of the screen, as this will affect the clarity and accuracy of all of your readings and their usability.


Moisture meter (FAQ)

What is a normal reading on a moisture meter?

Most moisture meters have been calibrated to work on wood, which means that they are generally very efficient at providing a reliable and accurate reading of the moisture content of the wood. Typically, the scale indicates a range of 5% to 40%. When testing for moisture in non-woody materials like concrete, you might need a device that can range from 0% (or dry bone) up to 100% (saturated).

A range of 5% to 12% is considered an optimal reading. 6% to 8% is ideal for interior parquet, 6% to 9% for furniture and 9% to 14% for construction sites. Any reading above 17% would be an indication of saturation and a cause for concern and the need to take preventative measures to eliminate the risk of future moisture build-up before replacement becomes the inevitable next step. If you are in the 12% to 17% range it is still considered acceptable, but regular monitoring is recommended.

How to test the humidity of wood?

You can quickly test moisture in all kinds of wood just by using one of our best-recommended water meters. Originally, the process was very manual and time-consuming, and oven drying cycle followed by weighing the wood to determine the difference in weight. This method is slow, unreliable, can render the wood unusable, and requires a specific type of over- or kiln.

Using a moisture meter is much easier, more reliable, and certainly doesn’t take a long time to record a measurement. Whether you opt for a model with or without a pin, they are fast, accurate, portable, and convenient for checking the moisture content of wood on the go.



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