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Asus Zenbook s ux391 Review

The ZenBook S UX391 is a fantastic machine for those working on the street. Sporting an advanced hinge which lifts the base, it enhances both durability and cooling. A quad-core chip ensures that it may keep pace with workplace tasks as well as some light multimedia editing.

Since models with lower-end i5 processors aren’t available in Canada, the ZenBook S UX391 begins in a $1,999 for a 4K IPS touchscreen, 16GB RAM, along with 512GB NVMe SSD.

Even the clamshell laptop design has not changed much through the years, which is the reason why I was guardedly optimistic once the sus ZenBook S landed on my desk. The Ultrabook’s raised hinge is truly exceptional and makes the notebook’s keyboard a pleasure to type on.

However, what really sticks out concerning the ZenBook S (starting at $1,199, $1,499 as tested) is its gorgeous display and remarkably lightweight and lightweight design. Despite owning a below-average battery lifetime, the ZenBook S is one of the ideal premium laptops for your money.

Key Features

DeviceASUS ZenBook S UX301
ProcessorIntel Core i7-8550U
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 620
RAM8GB / 16GB 2,133 MHz LPDDR3
Storage512GB / 1TB NVMe SSD
Display13.3″ 4K IPS touchscreen

13.3″ FHD glossy non-touch

13.3″ FHD anti-glare non-touch

Ports2x USB-C Thunderbolt

1x USB-C 3.1 Gen 1

1x 3.5mm microphone/headphone jack

WeightNon-touch display: 2.2 lbs

Touch display: 2.31 lbs

ColoursDeep Dive Blue, Burgandy Red


Asus UX 391 is built with an Intel Core i7-8550U quad-core chips, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of NVMe SSD.

Additionally, it comes with a 4K IPS display, unibody-aluminium chassis, and edge-to-edge glass. It’s just as far as a business machine since it’s for casual use.

  • Great screen colours
  • Outstanding performance
  • big-screen display bezel means the body
  • Quick charger
  • Beautiful aluminium chassis
  • Sophisticated lift-up hinge
  • The display has visible light bleed
  • Runs hot and loud in functionality style
  • No more HDR display

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The UX391 touts a stylish, urbane design which marries the formality of a company machine and the elegance of a modern device. Without any excess decoratives, it blends in comfortably for practically any special occasion. The aluminium casing is printed with a Sus’ hypnotic swirl pattern spiralling outwards from the emblem in the middle It doesn’t take the award if you are the lightest notebook, but you won’t break your back carrying it around.

The keyboard employs a normal ANSI design with frequent arrow keys. Some rarely accessed keys just like the tilde (~) key have been compressed to conserve space.

The display’s bottom border opens up the base when awakened, making a difference between your base bottom of this notebook and the top it’s resting on.

The lifted base helps dissipate heat, as the slight angle makes typing just a little more enjoyable. Even though its advantage was rounded in order to prevent cutting into your lap, it seriously needs larger rubber feet to pad the display’s bottom border.Asus ZenBook S (UX391UA) reviews

Design Care isn’t the only real thing that pulls, but the raw aluminium can be a fingerprint and dust magnet.

It’s also quite prone to scratches. I consider myself a quite attentive user, however, visible scuff marks appeared after two weeks of normal usage.



The 3,840 x-rays 2,160-pixel display on the ZenBook S is vibrant, even though it is maybe not exactly as magnificent as the other high panels we’ve analyzed.

As soon as I observed a 1080p preview of this coming Predator picture, I can see different strands of hair from Boyd Holbrook’s blossom, and also the clarity of this aliens intruder managed to get especially frightening.

As soon as I saw a trailer for the upcoming spy humour, Johnny English Attacks Again, the glistening red paint Rowan Atkinson’s classy Aston Martin was saturated.

At a pub scene, the Atkinson’s light-blue lawsuit sailed contrary to the contrasting yellow lights of this chic place. WhiteBalance can be exemplary, and also the display’s vibrant colours jumped off the blank backdrop of the favourite news websites.

The ZenBook S series failed in our laboratory evaluations, however, it had been outperformed by rival laptops. A sus’ laptop can replicate 116.4 per cent of their RGB colour gamut, that will be above the top notebook type average (111 per cent).

Nevertheless, that the 4K Dell XPS 1 3 (130 per cent), the Huawei MateBook X Guru (124 per cent) and the 2018 13-inch Apple MacBookPro (119 per cent) were colourful.


Even a sus ZenBook S’ speakers seem good, but they do not get very loud. The notebook struggled to fill out a massive conference room when I played with St. Vincent’s”New York,” however Anne Erin Clark’s different vocals sounded crisp and clear.

There was a good light bass thump when I paid attention to Drake’s”Inside My Feelings.” Not surprisingly from a notebook this small, the noise wasn’t full, but I wouldn’t consider it either.

Computer keyboard and TouchPad

The angled keyboard on the ZenBook S felt more comfortable compared to the standard flat keyboards I’ve used. My wrists were in a relaxed position, thanks to its gentle upward tilt. The secrets remind me of these on the MacBook Pro, however better.

An ideal actuation force of 70 g made around for the ZenBook S’ non-0.9-millimetre key travelling (our recommended range is 1.5 mm to 2 mm).

Even better, the keys are clicky, and also the backlighting has adjustable brightness degrees, which is not something we typically watch on non-gaming laptops. Also, the keys have been well-spaced (though a few are undersized).


The ZenBook S UX391 may operate in just two power modes. One is performance manner, by which the CPU operates at full throttle; the flip is Silent Fan manner, at which the CPU throttles until the fan speed increases. Though performance manner pushes the chip to the maximum, it comes at the cost of fan noise. Many users will choose to have Quiet Fan mode allowed, so, I ran my own benchmark suite with both ways.


Even the ZenBook S UX391 is sold with the Intel Core i5-8250U or the Intel Core i7-8550U CPUs, both of which are quad-core chips and are excellent for overall productivity. Only the I 7 version is offered in Canada, however.

Even pitted against other laptops in its own class, the ZenBook S UX391 still makes a respectable 594 in Cinebench. With Quiet Fan allowed, its score falls off to 277.

In performance mode, the ZenBook S UX391 scored much like other laptops in its class with 4,637 and 14,170 in only and multi-threaded tests. With Quiet fan switched, the dozens dropped to 3,858 and 9,468.


Integral images have observed leagues of advancement in the last few years. With that said, it’s still far from being able to handle triple names. Maybe not that things, though: gaming on Ultrabooks can be an afterthought.

I personally use the simple variant of TimeSpy included from the base model of 3DMark to gauge graphics performance in DX12.

The integrated Intel UHD 620 produced 200 in Silent Fan mode and 369 in performance style, which essentially equates into perhaps not too great for gaming.



The ZenBook S isn’t intended for gaming, but it can play less-demanding names at low settings. The device’s integral Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU scored an 80,332 on the Ice Storm Limitless graphics test. That figure drops just short of the top laptop average (83,517) along with also the scores brought on by the Dell XPS 1 3 (85,616) along with also the Huawei MateBook X Guru (116,359).

The ZenBook S did not fare any better in real-world tests. It played Dirt 3 at 1080p-resolution at 45 frames each second. Even though that surpasses our playability brink of 30 fps, it falls below the Huawei MateBook X Guru (117 fps), the Dell XPS 1-3 (6 7 fps) as well as the MacBookPro (47 fps). The category average is a smooth 6-9 fps.


Battery Life

A sus ZenBook S’ battery life is below average. It lasted seven hours and five minutes onto the Notebook Battery Evaluation, which involves continuous web surfing on wi-fi at 150 nits of brightness.

Other superior laptops had more run times, including the 14-inch Huawei Mate X Pro (9:55), the 4K version of this Dell XPS 1 3 (8:23) and the MacBook Pro (8:23). The top laptop battery life average is 8:20, but the 1080p ZenBook S was able to surpass this, at 09:26.


Since we have the lightest version, ours included a beefy 1TB Samsung PM961 PCI-E SSD. There is bad and great news. The terrible thing is that there exists a definitive operation dip when edgy Fan is empowered (not surprisingly ).

The fantastic thing is the fact that the performance hit is the most intense at higher rate depths — a land consumers won’t ever touch. Random write in QD1 does suffer a bit, however, so turn off rickety Fan when dealing together with large quantities of small pieces of information.


Even the ZenBook S’ raised hinge did not satisfactorily improve airflow within our testing. The laptop’s bottom reached 107 degrees Fahrenheit, and also the positioning between the H and G keys heated to 101 degrees once we played with a 15-minute video in 1080p resolution.

The underside lower-left side was that the latest location in the notebook, attaining 111 degrees, which surpasses our 9-5 level relaxation threshold. Only the touch-pad remained cool in 87 degrees.


The ZenBook S’ 720p web-cam is solid. It caught a glowing, well-exposed image inside our candlelit office, and also its own white balance and colour breeding were on point.

The dark red colour in my own top was authentic, and also my light complexion has been accurately recorded. For how glowing the shooter was, there is much a lot of visual sound, and details seemed fuzzy.

Connectivity, and also I/O

An ultra-portable rule of thumb is that the thinner the device, the fewer the vents. You’ll just look for a grand total of three USB-C interfaces on the UX391; just for charging, whereas two others play double-duty as Thunderbolt 3 connectors. There isn’t any USB type-A vent here, using a heftier interface on a computer device that this thin would mar its own design.

Software and Warranty

The ZenBook S’ Windows-10 Home OS comes pre-installed with an Asus folder filled with programs. One of the more useful apps are Asus LiveUpdate, that matches the latest drivers onto your own machine, and Asus Splendid, which lets you alter the colour temperature of your display.

There is additionally a Quiet design program, however, we’d keep the default”high performance” setting turned considering how hot the ZenBook got inside our testing. McAfee WebAdviser additionally makes an unwanted return.

The remaining portion of the bloatware installed in the ZenBook S comes courtesy of Microsoft, including Netflix along with linked-in apps.

The Asus ZenBook S comes with a one-piece guarantee. Watch how the company performed on our Tech Service Showdown and best and Worst Brands rank.

Asus ZenBook S Cost and Configurations

For 1,499, the 4K unit I purchased came equipped with an Intel Core i7-8550U processor, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. Still another version with the identical processor but 8GB of RAM and also a 256GB SSD costs $1,199. The Asus ZenBook S is for Sale in Deep-dive Blue (dark blue) along with Burgundy Red.

Thermal, sound, and throttling

It’s an issue of the undeniable fact that most apparatus heading to throttle (or over-heat ) when specified intensive enough job.

We examine thermals with both real-time and artificial workloads. The synthetic workload is generated with AIDA64’s CPU stress test, as the real-life workload is only a mixture of web surfing, word processing, networking playback, and image editing with Adobe Lightroom. Temperature and clock frequency will be logged together with AIDA64’s built-in tracking tool.

No matter which version you use, the notebook will conduct sexy. Web surfing and office activities conducted ice-cold, however, Adobe Lightroom drove its own temperatures to over 70°degrees Celsius.

AIDA64 shows how the notebook throttles. In Silent Fan manner, the CPU never awakened to more than 1.2-GHz when pushing all cores. Thermal goals are placed at 70°C for operation style, also 60°C for Silent design style.


That is the price tag on a lavish bed or perhaps a budget vacation. It’s really a fantastic notebook if you should be a spendthrift millionaire, however, a lot of folks are not, therefore that I think that it might greatly help Canadians if a sus flashed on the less expensive i-5 models.

A sus ZenBook S UX391 is fantastic at both form and function, however, it’s not perfect. Packing a remarkable computer keyboard, a stunning screen, along with solid components, the razor-thin a sus ZenBook S UX391 might happen to be a simple urge if it was not because of the display backlight bleed and higher fan noise and thermals. Luckily, those would be the only two big complaints besides its own launching price.

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